Four wonderful Greek islands worth visiting when travelling as a couple

Four wonderful Greek islands worth visiting when travelling as a couple



More often than not, I have clients asking me for suggestions on places to visit when planning their honeymoon. Before they finish their question, I am already thinking: “Go to the greek islands! Just do it!” In this article, you can find four greek islands I usually recommend to visit when travelling as a couple, based on my personal travelling experiences!

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I am a professional wedding photographer from Greece, living and working in the charming city of Porto, in Portugal for the past few years and after a busy wedding season, there is only one thing that can make me feel soothed, relaxed and to look forward to: mini vacation to my beautiful home country!

There is something extraordinary and magical about the greek islands. Once you’ve spent some summer days and nights there, you are forever getting familiar with that feeling of sweet nostalgia. The peacefulness, the smell, the sound of crickets, the smell of freshly made Greek/Turkish coffee, the local, delicious and nutritious fresh food, reading a book under a tree and then heading to the fresh crystal clear water to cool down your body’s temperature.

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There is a great variety of islands to choose from, whether you are the adventurous type, the tourist, the alternative travelers, the party lovers, the nature explorers etc.

Therefore, I decided to put together this article in order to organise and maybe inspire others with photos taken during my own personal travelling experiences to the greek islands.

As a wedding/couple photographer, romantic photos could not be missing from my personal travelling archive, so feel free to get inspired if you are planning your honeymoon or simply a nice summer/spring excursion as a couple!

1. Amorgos


What can I say about this magical island! We visited Amorgos in the end of September back in 2017 and it’s still on the top of the list of my favorite destinations. We like to travel off season (meaning not on the peak of the touristic season which is usually June,July and August). The prices are much friendlier and the weather is still like summer but not too hot. Amorgos is a peaceful, not too touristy destination.

It is also famous for the “Big Blue” movie that was partly filmed in Agia Anna beach.

olympia shipwreck amorgos

We spent almost every day of our trip eating at this beautiful and delicious little local restaurant called “Tranzistoraki” and then heading straight to “Kallisto” for the most delicious desserts!

kallisto amorgos

One night, we went to the windmills to take some photos with the self-timer and tripod. Little did we know that this photo we managed to take under the starry sky, would win the 2nd prize to an international photography contest about the greek islands and would take us to our next trip: Santorini!

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starry sky photography amorgos

See more photos on this gallery:

2. Santorini


Santorini is a place of unique beauty: the volcanic rocky scenery, the white houses with the blue details are an attraction of tourists all around the world. It is also a very popular wedding destination for couples from around the globe. 

As I mentioned above, this trip was the prize we won with the above photo of the starry sky and windmills we took in Amorgos. We were lucky enough to also have won a 4-night stay at the amazing facilities of Remezzo Villas and couldn’t be more pleased with our stay!

3. Milos


Milos is the place with the most (in number) and most beautiful and crystal clear waters concentrated in only one island. The natural beauty of this place is unexplainable, almost out of this world! We had the bets time exploring the little villages and beaches around.

My personal favorite beach being Fyriplaka for endless hours of sunbathing and swimming in the amazing water, Sarakiniko for out-of-this-world scenery and some really nice diving and Klima to stroll around during sunset time while enjoying some ice-cream.

fyriplaka milos greece

The wedding photographer in me really wanted to do a mini couple photo shoot on the island to have some photos for my instagram, so I asked randomly two really nice couples to pose for me for literally 3 minutes and we took some pretty cool photos! Check them out in the gallery below:

4. Paros


We only stayed in Paros for 2 nights, right after Amorgos (we did island-hopping). I sincerely wish we had done it the other way around, as arriving to a busy island like Paros right after spending some zen and completely meditating days in quiet and peaceful Amorgos, was a kind of shock to our system! 
Nevertheless, we absolutely enjoyed the beauty of this lovely island with the amazing beaches (our personal favorite being Santa Maria beach as there was no beach bar operating by the time we visited.)

Santa Maria Beach Paros

Do you agree with the above list? Did you enjoy the pictures? If you have any other suggestions, feel free to send a message and let me know! I love adding beautiful destination to my travel list and I really hope this article has sent some nice salty breeze to you and got you daydreaming about spending some days with your other half in Greece!

If you want to follow my adventures or check out some of my travel and portrait photography projects, feel free to follow me on my personal account on instagram! If you are a couple travelling to Portugal or Greece for the holidays, also do get in touch if you’d be interested in having a couple photo shoot with me. You can check out my lifestyle portfolio and my wedding and couple photographs on my instagram I would love to show you around while taking some beautiful pictures of you during your wonderful trip!