What equipment do you use?
I work with professional top-of-the line equipment. I use two identical Nikon D750 (full frame) at the same time wearing different lenses throughout the various stages of the wedding day timeline.
Do you use flash?
I mostly use the available natural light. However, I always adapt to the lighting conditions of every occasion and for this reason I always have ready a couple of flashes and a reflector with me.. I always try to work as much as possible with natural light because it is this that gives the natural touch in my photographs. For wedding moments happening inside a church, in a darker interior or at night time, I use my flashes to compensate for the lack of natural light.
Can I have access to the RAW/unedited files?
The short answer to this is no. A large amount of time is invested by us, the photographers to make a selection and edit the photos one by one individually. This way, applying our own editing style, we give life to the original photograph, make sure to create color consistency throughout the gallery and that you get the best and most complete result possible, to cherish with your family for the years to come!
What is your turn-around time?
My average turn-around time for online galleries is 3 months. Depending on the time of the year the wedding is taking place, gallery delivery can take up to 4 months (as stated in the contract). However, as I know you are looking forward to seeing the pictures of your wedding day, I always deliver a sneak peek gallery consisting of 30-40 edited photos within the first month of the wedding day. You will be given access to my online delivery platform and you’ll get a notification once the sneak peek and complete galleries are ready!
What is a couple/engagement (lifestyle) photo shoot? Is it worth doing one?

I highly recommend doing a lifestyle photoshoot (see examples here)! During this, you, the couple and me, the photographer, pick a location or two (a park, a beautiful beach, a nice coffee place) and we take naturally posed lifestyle photos. For this kind of shoot, you wear normal, casual clothes (you can feel free to bring more than one outfit, a more casual and a fancier one for example, or just different colours) and we take photos at the location(s) picked. The duration is usually 2hours and we can visit as many nearby locations as you want within this timeframe. The couple/engagement photoshoot is a great opportunity to get comfortable with the lens and the photographer, and you will be guided throughout all the process of the shoot, so no need to worry AT ALL if you’ve never had one before! It is made in a relaxed way and environment and many couples opt for using these photos to send out their wedding invitations, print them out as “Thank you” cards/postcards for their guests or simply add them to their wedding album or hang them on their wall!

How do I organize my wedding day timeline?
The easiest way to create the wedding photography timeline, is to start with the start time of the two most important parts of the wedding day: the ceremony and the reception, and then we build together the photography timeline backwards.
Should I get a 2nd photographer (aka 2nd shooter)?
I highly recommend hiring a 2nd photographer: Not only it is essential for when the couple is getting ready in distant locations to capture preparation moments of both of them, it also gives a much more “spherical” view of the wedding day since you can see the same moment (like for example first look, first kiss, exit) from multiple points of view. We like to use the “his” and “hers” point of view. However, if you are on a tight budget, I totally understand that and I can sit down with you so that we can see how we can organize our timeline in order to get as much as possible with only one photographer. It is important however to understand the limitations of this, especially for the “getting ready” moments.
Do you offer video services?
I do not offer video services as I am 100% dedicated in wedding photography but I do work with videographers 100% specialised in wedding videography. I am happy to give you recommendations if you want to hire videographers for your wedding day!
I’m in! What is the booking process? Can I have a payment plan?

A 550€ retainer fee (all taxes included) is required in order for me to save the date. Once the retainer fee is paid and the contract is signed, I no longer accept requests from other weddings for that specific day! For this reason, the retainer fee is non-refundable in case of your cancellation/date changing. In case you are thinking of moving your wedding to a date different than the one initially agreed on, please do get in touch with me so that we figure out a solution together. After the retainer fee, the rest of the value can be paid as such: 50% on the wedding day and rest 50% upon gallery delivery. To book, get in contact!